Celebration organization

Starting to plan any celebration, it is necessary to take into account all the details, down to the smallest detail. If you want to get a really good holiday that everyone remembers and goes without a hitch, you have to work hard. First of all, you need to decide on a budget and think about what you can save. You probably have already celebrated family holidays and bought table decorations, paper caps, beverage tubes and the like. Do not throw them away; save for the next celebration. This will help to significantly reduce costs in the next costs. If you arrange themed party and decorations from the past, the celebrations do not suit you in color, you can always paste over them with suitable paper, decorate with ribbons or decorate with paints.
As for the children's birthday, then some families save on gifts to the birthday from mom and dad. It is believed that having received a large number of gifts from friends, grandmothers and other relatives, the child simply does not notice that the parents did not give him anything, and they (the parents) in turn will be able to invest more money in the decoration of the celebration, order a big cake or invite an animator, while buying a gift, they would have to give up one of the above.

Choose a holiday theme

There are an infinite number of ideas for the design of the celebration. The easiest way is to choose a design based on the favorite cartoon of your baby, but try to think outside the box, remember what else he likes. For example, your girl wants to be a ballerina and loves a cartoon about a mouse Angelina Ballerina, but instead of decorating a children's birthday using only a mouse image from a cartoon, you can decorate the holiday with details related to ballet as a whole. Invite a professional dancer to lead it and ask for a dance lesson with girls. Prepare for children ballet tutu skirts. so your birthday girl can feel like a real ballet star. If your child likes to draw, by analogy with the ballet you can hold a fun drawing lesson with a guest professional artist. A child under the guidance of an experienced teacher will draw his first picture, you can decorate it in a beautiful frame and save it as a family heirloom.

Choose a place

You can spend the holiday at home, but remember that in this case you have to do at least two large cleaning: before the arrival of the guests and after their departure. The second option is to rent a room for celebration. In this case, you will have to transport many elements of room decoration and table setting to the place of celebration, that is, everything you need for decoration. You will have to arrive in advance to prepare everything by the time guests begin to gather. Choose a room (cafe) closer to your home, because practice shows that no matter how carefully you get together, something from the trifles will be forgotten and you will have to go back for them home. So it is better if your home is nearby. However, whatever place you choose for a holiday, one thing is certain: wherever your holiday takes place, preparation for it will always be accompanied by great vanity and excitement.

Tissues, paper and dishes

Prepare in advance tablecloths, ribbons, paper napkins and flowers, paper cups, vases, drinking straws, dishes of the colors you need. Print invitations, chocolate and cardboard wrappers, for making biscuit and candy boxes. Regarding dishes, a win-win option would be simple white or transparent dishes, it will fit any, even the most artsy design of the holiday.

Wall decoration on the background of the dessert table

Prepare a fabric of a suitable size for decorating the walls in advance. You can also print a large banner with a thematic image, or vertically hang colored ribbons of fabric or paper. Be sure to calculate the height of the ceiling ahead of time, decide what size of section of the canvas (banner) you will need, and also think about how you will mount this canvas on the wall. You can also hang on the wall above the dessert table an old window frame, decorating it with flowers, curtains, toy birds ... Do not hold back your imagination!